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Extended Classification Information

“New Tales From The Borderlands Deluxe Edition” is a compilation of “Tales From the Borderlands” and its sequel “New Tales From The Borderlands”. The compilation is rated M18 for strong violence and gore. For more information on “Tales From The Borderlands”, please refer to the game record in the classification database. ‘New Tales from the Borderlands’ is a sci-fi adventure game that follows the exploits of scientist Anu, her brother Octavio and their friend Fran. The trio will battle bandits and alien creatures while facing down a planetary invasion. The game is classified M18 for strong violence and gore. The player controls one of the three protagonists at different points of the game and makes narrative decisions when presented with dialogue or action options. The player may encounter enemies such as humans, robots and mutants. In these encounters, the player needs to successfully press a sequence of buttons in response to on-screen prompts to pass the encounter. Failing to do so often results in death and the player needs to start from the previous checkpoint. Throughout the course of play, there are depictions of intense violence. One example of such an encounter results in either a man stabbing a woman in the neck or on the top of her head; or the woman freezing the man and shattering him, leaving behind frozen fragments including a severed limb and head. There are also other strong depictions of violence with details of blood splatter, such as characters being shot in the chest or head, or stabbed in the eye with a pistol grip. In addition, there are depictions of gore such as a woman seen with a severed leg and a sequence where a character attempts to reattach a severed head to a corpse using a metal rod. Overall, these depictions would be more appropriate under a M18 rating where the Classification Guidelines allow “depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.” The game contains some use of coarse language, such as the expletive “f**k” and other words such as “ass”, “shit” and “bastard”.