Classification Information

“Mereka Yang Tak Terlihat” (Those Who Are Not Seen) is an Indonesian horror movie about Saraswati, a young woman who possesses the ability to see ghosts and spirits. This created tension between her and her mother, as the latter does not acknowledge her gift. It is also a problem for Saraswati as some of the ghosts start asking her to help with their unfinished business.

The film is rated PG13 with consumer advice “Horror”. 

The film contains some frightening scenes depicting supernatural occurrences, including scenes that depict ghosts surrounding Saraswati though they are not attacking her. There is also a sequence depicting Saraswati being possessed and acting strangely, including holding her younger sister in a neck grip, and forcing her to eat rose petals. In addition, the appearance of some of the ghosts is fairly frightening, for example, there is a scene depicting a ghost with blood oozing from his neck. Overall, the horror elements would be more appropriate under the PG13 Classification Guidelines that state “depiction of horror can be more realistic and intense.”

There is also a mild violent sequence when a man is implied to hit a boy with a crowbar during a robbery attempt.