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Extended Classification Information

‘The Sims 4’ is a ‘sandbox’ life simulation game that allows the player to direct characters called Sims through a virtual lifecycle by acting out daily activities, including finding a job, developing skills and hobbies, making friends, getting married and starting a family. The game is rated Age Advisory (Suitable for 16 & Above). There is no storyline in the game. Game dialogue between characters is represented by audible gibberish and speech balloons containing icons and images. Gameplay consists of the player giving action commands to Sims to follow the player’s will and directions, while at the same time looking out to fulfil the Sims’ basic daily needs such as hunger, hygiene and energy levels, which in turn affect their moods. Sims’ skills and hobbies can be developed and upgraded, which may result in more career options and extra income. By socialising and interacting with other characters, Sims can develop friendships and relationships, which may eventually lead to marriage and the starting of families. When Sims relieve themselves in the toilet or take baths, they will remove all or part of their clothing. Babies in the game can be breastfed by mothers. A Sim may respond to a mischievous ‘streaking’ dare and run naked in the streets. In all the above instances, no nudity details can be seen as a mosaic filter covers the characters’ bodies. The Age Advisory guidelines state that ‘nudity without details’ and ‘still or moving images which may be mildly suggestive, e.g. scantily-clad women in bikinis or lingerie’ can be allowed. Through certain dialogue options, Sims can engage in romantic interactions such as kissing, hugging and implied sex, which is depicted by the two characters jumping into bed with movements under a blanket.