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Extended Classification Information

‘Life Is Strange’ is a third-person adventure game set in a fictional town called Arcadia Bay that follows the story of protagonist Max Caulfield. Max is a photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time. Together with her friend Chloe, the pair investigate the disappearance of a fellow student. This game is rated M18 for strong coarse language and sexual references. The player will control Max to explore a variety of locales and environments. Objects encountered can be interacted with or picked up, while Max can also engage characters in conversation and make dialogue choices. During gameplay, Max is able to rewind time to modify her actions and change the outcomes of decisions. As the story progresses, the character’s actions, time travelling and conversation choices may gradually affect the story outcome of future events. The game contains moderate scenes of violence, with some depiction of blood. Some scenes depict characters being shot at, with blood stains on their bodies and on nearby surfaces. Another scene depicts a character being shot in the head and killed, and the gunshot wound on her forehead can be seen as she falls onto the ground. A cinematic scene depicts two female characters kissing each other briefly. The M18 guidelines state that “Homosexual activity should be limited to kissing and hugging.” There is frequent use of coarse language in the game, such as ‘motherf**ker’, ‘f**k’ and its variations. This is within the guidelines for an M18 rating where “Frequent use of strong coarse language” is allowed. There are some drug references in the game. A young female character is implied to have smoked pot in her room. In another scene, the characters’ dialogue implies that a young female was drugged and almost sexually assaulted.