Want to know more about films and their ratings? Use the Films Classification Database to search for ratings of films. Consumers, especially parents, can use the consumer advice and classification information when deciding an appropriate movie for their children or younger audiences.

For film distributors and exhibitors, the following films in the database must be submitted to IMDA for re-assessment:
1. Films with the decision ‘Passed Clean with Condition’
2. Films with dialect content for public exhibition
3. Films rated R(A)

Please visit the IMDA website and the FAQs for more information.


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Videos distributed in Singapore are classified up to the M18 rating while films meant for theatrical release are classified up to the R21 rating.

Films classified before 29 March 2004 are based on the previous ratings – G, PG, NC16 and R(A).

Films in Singapore are rated according to the following ratings
G General
Suitable for all ages.
PG Parental Guidance
Suitable for all, but parents should guide their young.
PG13 Parental Guidance 13
Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.
NC16 No Children Under 16
Suitable for persons aged 16 and above.
M18 Mature 18
Suitable for persons aged 18 and above.
R21 Restricted 21
Restricted to persons aged 21 and above

Glossary of Classification Decisions

Passed Clean Film has been classified by IMDA without edits.
Passed Clean Edited This refers to a film submitted for classification with edits made to the content. Edits to the film may have been made by the filmmaker, studios, producers or film distributors.

The edited version has been classified by IMDA under an applicable rating.
Passed Clean with Condition Film has been classified with condition(s) imposed.
Exemptible Film can be exempted from classification.
To be Passed with Edits Film contains content which has exceeded the Film Classification Guidelines. The film is classifiable if the content concern is removed.
Refused Classification Film exceeds the Film Classification Guidelines and is not classifiable.

It must not be distributed or publicly exhibited.

Latest Film Decisions

Consumer Advice
GAADI (2019)
Some Nudity
Some Drug Use and Violence
Violence and Gore 暴力及血腥画面
DRY (2022)
Some Nudity and Drug Use 些许裸露及吸毒画面
BHEED (2023)
Sexual Scene
Some Coarse language 些许粗俗语言
关于我和鬼变成家人的那件事 (2023)
Some Homosexual Content and Coarse Language 部分内容涉及同性恋及粗俗语言
Some Mature Content 内容只宜十六岁及以上

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